Middle Georgia State University Fully Online Orientation

The MGA Online Student Bill of Rights:

Distance Learning at MGA strives to provide the following for all online students.

  1. The right to access
    All students, regardless of age, race, gender or economic status, have the right to equal access comparable to traditional delivery of course content.
  2. The right to privacy
    Student data and records will be secure and made available to others only as necessary to provide educational services or as required by law. MGA FERPA Policy
  3. The right to quality instructors
    Online courses will be taught by credentialed instructors who are knowledgeable of their subject and committed to their students' success.
  4. The right to quality courses
    Online content and instructional methods will be of the highest quality.
  5. The right to assistance
    Students will have access to academic, technological, and administrative assistance in order to improve their access to online instruction and facilitate their learning.
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