Middle Georgia State University Fully Online Orientation

Drop/Add and Withdrawals:

After classes begin, typically for a four-day period (See Academic Calendar), students may adjust their schedules with a tuition refund for each course dropped and no grades awarded. First and Second Session class adjustments may be made through the second day of class. After these periods are over, no further adjustments are permitted. Once the Drop/Add period has ended students may drop a course without academic penalty until mid-term. Once mid-term has passed, students may still drop a course; however, they will be assigned a grade of "WF". This will be calculated into their college GPA in the same manner as a course failure. Tuition refunds are only available for withdrawals during the Drop/Add period.

NOTE: All course withdrawals must be initiated by the student and approved by their instructor. Faculty do not drop students for excessive absences. If you stop participating in your online course and do not initiate the drop from the class before mid-term, your GPA will be negatively affected.

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