Middle Georgia State University Fully Online Orientation

Academic Dishonesty:

There are four basic tenets of the MGA Code of Conduct: Honor, Fortitude, Virtue, and Loyalty. It is the responsibility of Middle Georgia State University students to accept these as a part of the learning community. In fact, the primary expectations of all Middle Georgia State University students are integrity and civility. Each student should approach his/her academic endeavors, relationships, and personal responsibilities with a strong commitment to personal integrity and interpersonal civility.

“Middle Georgia State University has established standards of conduct that are compatible with the academic mission of the institution. An educational approach to infractions of the student code of conduct is employed whenever possible. Standards [of conduct] may apply to student behavior on and off the campus when relevant to any lawful mission, process, or function of the institution. Institutional standards may require scholastic attainments higher than the average of the population and may require superior ethical and moral behavior.

The acceptance of these responsibilities is a prerequisite for enrollment at Middle Georgia State University. It is the responsibility of each student to know and understand the expectations and the established rules of conduct. Lack of awareness is not recognized as a legitimate reason for failure to comply.”  Student Handbook

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